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Privacy policy

Joe Fitzpatrick & Associates appreciate the importance of ensuring that your personal information is handled in a way that guarantees the highest levels of security and privacy. As such we are devoted to complying with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 as well as the privacy provisions of all relevant legislation.

We are confident that when both our clients and candidates entrust us with their personal and confidential information it will be handled and managed in a responsible manner. Our unsurpassed service requires that we are provided with your consent to collect, use, disclose and store your personal information. In doing so, we will commit to only using this information for the purposes that you have agreed to.

We only require that you provide us with information that is deemed relevant to the recruitment process. Personal information may extend to include opinions gained from your referees and results achieved in any competency or aptitude test. Other information collected by us in association with your potential work placements is also considered relevant.
Necessary information that we collect about you may come to us in a variety of ways however, if this information is not deemed relevant to the recruitment process we will not use it whilst dealing on your behalf.

We assert that any of your information that we collect will be used in a way that complies entirely with the Privacy Act. In doing so we ensure that any personal information or details of any communication with us will not be used or submitted to a third party unless we have received your full consent and authorisation to do so.

Joe Fitzpatrick & Associates is committed to ensuring that any personal information in our hands is protected and secure. Unless required by law, we will not disclose any of your information and we guarantee that all matters will remain strictly confidential.
At any stage throughout the course of our contact you will be allowed access to your personal information and thus if you believe it not be accurate or if you wish to up date it we will be happy to oblige.

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