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Our Services

Joe Fitzpatrick & Associates provides quality candidates for both permanent placement and contract or interim employment.

    The professionals supplied by Joe Fitzpatrick & Associates are drawn from a wide range of industry sectors  including: 

    PROPERTY                                                        HEALTHCARE

    architecture & design                                    clinical trials
    funds management                                        project  management
    hotels & student accommodation              product development
    marketing & communications                    regulatory affairs
    project management                                     marketing
    property asset management                       manufacturing  
    property development                                   technical communication
    property finance & investment                   verification & validation
    research                                                           quality assurance
    retirement living                                             outsource manufacturing
    sales & leasing                                               research & technology                               

    It is the understanding of our clients business that allows Joe Fitzpatrick & Associates to truly add value through:

    • Provision of professionals who are culturally matched, exhaustively evaluated & thoroughly screened.
    • Identification of quality people who are passive job seekers and who are "best fit" for our clients.
    • Promotion of our clients in the open market place as being employers of choice.

    We are mindful that the strength of our service is directly related to our understanding of your business. This understanding & mutual trust develops over time, that is why we strive to provide consistent & professional services that are underpinned by a framework of transparency & full disclosure at all times.

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